Sunday, February 13, 2011

Julie's Quilt

When I worked in Northern California I loved to hang out with and help the office ladies!  Very few mornings went by when I wouldn't stop in and say Hi to Julie Bingham the attendance clerk.  When I left for Southern California Julie & I kept in touch.  It was also around that time that her husband was diagnosed again with cancer.  For about three years they battled the cancer together.  Around the first week of April in 2008 Julie's husband lost his battle with cancer.  I knew that the time was coming and had already begun working on a quilt to send her regardless of what happened.  This is what I sent her:
 The pattern is from the same book as my Jingle all the Way quilt - 11 Laps from Fats. 
 One of the things I did was go back through Julie's posts on their CaringBridge site and pulled out some of the scriptures that gave her strength thoughout her husband's battle with cancer.  Then I embroidered them around the outside of the quilt.

 She loved it and I loved making it!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

table runner

I thought I had blogged about a quilt I made for my friend Julie after her husband died, but I guess I haven't yet.  I'll do that soon.  Anyways - I mention that quilt because I made this table runner from the leftovers of her quilt.  I had a lot of tiny triangles that I sewed into tiny squares.  Then I made pinwheels and took what I had and made up a table runner.  I used the left over binding from the big quilt I made to bind this one.  It's very springy!