Saturday, April 28, 2012

Cross Stitching

So I haven't been doing a lot of sewing - I've been doing a lot of cross stitching.  Mom took me to this great place in Utah - Craftcenter of Fine Stitchery while I was there all summer, which got me thinking about all the cross stitch projects I have unfinished.  So I've been working on finishing some of them and starting some new ones.  I then found Acorns & Threads in Portland, OR when I was there for Mid-winter break.  (I have visiting a couple of times).  This is what I've finished:

 This is a project I've been working on - well for a long time.  It's a blackwork chart done in green.  I worked on it a lot this summer and during Christmas and finally finished it last month.  It will be a while before I get it framed, but I'm glad I finished it.

The project above and below I got at Acorns & Threads.  They are cottages of the month designed by Nikki Leeman of Country Cottage Needleworks.  I'm almost done with March.  I'm hoping to get a frame that I can change out each month.