Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Quilt for MKE

Earlier this year, I found out that my friend from elementary school, Tracie Moore (now Egelston) was having a baby girl.  I needed a distraction from serious things going on in my family, so I decided I'd make her baby quilt.  I asked her what colors, etc.  She said her husband picked out a pink cowgirl theme.  I spent the rest of my summer in Utah trying to find fabric I thought would work.  I combined fabric from lots of lines and from my stash. Once I got back to Washington, I got to work.  I decided on a disappearing nine-patch.  The top came together easily.  Then I decided to hand quilt it instead of machine quilting or tying it.  I had a brilliant idea to add "brands" to the quilt and special touches.  It took two months to quilt it (mostly because I had just started the school year).  I loved how it turned out.  It arrived just a day or two after Tracie's daughter was born.
finished quilt at my house
If you turn this image counterclockwise you will see Tracie & her Husband's first initials put together like a brand in the quilting

Last initial

turn clockwise and it's big brother's initial
Baby's initials

I used an awesome pink and brown plaid on the back

MKE & her quilt


Coloring Bags for my younger nephews

This year I decided to make coloring bags for my younger three nephews.  Sawyer got a sophisticated one for his birthday, but these boys needed big crayons, washable crayons - so I adapted a pattern I made a long time ago for Holly's girls.  I bought the pattern in a quilt store in La Habra?, but I've seen the pattern other places.  Here's how they turned out:


I was trying to come up with something for my friend Holly for Christmas.  She mailed her Christmas present to me early, because she was having a baby sometime before Christmas.  She didn't want to take her baby out in the cold.  That got me thinking of maybe a scarf that would be soft enough to help keep her baby warm, if she was holding her and the blanket slipped, etc.  I also had these mini charm squares from Moda when I made star squares for a veteran's quilt project. The squares came from the Buttercup line by Fig Tree for Moda.  I bought some soft light blue flannel to make the inside of the scarf and sewed the squares in rows of three and then all together. Then I sewed the squares to the blue flannel, trimmed, turned right side out and stitched all the way around to close the seam.   It's probably a little long for a scarf, but it's a bright scarf and would definitely bring a little sunshine on a dreary day.  Holly & I were obviously on the same wave length because she sent me a beautiful, ruffly scarf for Christmas:
I wore it to visit Temple Square.  That's me and my nephew Sawyer in front of the Maori nativity & I'm wearing the scarf Holly sent me for Christmas.