Sunday, August 23, 2009

Roger & Andrea's Quilt

This is the quilt I made for my friend Roger & his wife Andrea. They live in New Zealand. I met Roger working at the Oak Glen Outdoor school when I had to take a semester off from BYU. We've kept in touch all these years and I even met Andrea when they came over for a vacation before they were married (or even engaged I think). I was emailing Roger about their new house they were building and I decided to make a quilt for their new place.

After visiting my favorite quilt store Cotton & Chocolate in Thousand Oaks, CA I knew which quilt I was going to make. The pattern is called Strips 'n Bits by Bloom Creek. The fabric is from the Shangri-la by Three Sisters for Moda. I thought it provided the perfect earthy colors & nature motifs I wanted in the quilt. My only request to the quilter was if a fern could be embroidered in the center of each block. I had a couple of examples of New Zealand ferns. My mom said the quilter's son recognized the fern patterns because he's into rugby.
The quilt turned out beautifully. I was so happy with it and very excited to send it off to New Zealand.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Daughter of the Union - Flag Cradle Quilt

This quilt is from a pattern and kit I bought at a quilt store in Georgia the second time I visited the Fullers when they lived in Swuanee. Before that trip I had my mom teach me how to piece by hand since at the time Anne didn't have a sewing machine, but wanted to learn how to quilt. We went to the quilt store (I think it was Stitch n'Quilt in Lawrenceville) to pick out some fabric for her project and I picked up this kit. The pattern in the kit was designed by Barbara Brackman and it's titled Daugher of the Union. It has directions for three Union Flag quilts. I chose to make a smaller version of the flag Cradle Quilt. I pieced and quilted it by hand. I probably finished it in either 2005 or 2006. It hung on my classroom wall in Santa Clarita when I was teaching U.S. History.

Quilts for Roger and Andrea's Girls

After my first year back in Southern California I was sewing up a storm and needed some projects. I spent a lot of money that summer on quilt stuff while visiting my parents in Utah. They had just had their shop hop and I decided to make a bunch of quilts and they had lots of great kits! But who to make them for? Making quilts for my relatives would be weird since my mom makes quilts for them. I had already made gifts for my best two friend's children. I was corresponding with my friend Roger in New Zealand about the new house they were building and decided I'd make quilts for the family. Roger & Andrea's quilt will get a separate post, but they have three girls and so I made three quilts. I've never met their girls, but I always get photos at Christmas, plus the year before I had gotten yummy gifts from New Zealand for Christmas with my card. I didn't really know much about their personalities except Tyler Rose liked horses and Kenna was into Bananas in Pajamas and none of those things made it into the quilts. I had to work quickly since they would need to be quilted and mailed at least a month before Christmas. Somehow I did it. I don't know who got which quilt. Here are the three girls in 2009:

Tyler Rose, Keanna, Mckenzie

Here are the three quilts:

This quilt is the pattern Remember when by Itty Bits & Pieces. I bought this kit at Elaine's in Utah. I can't remember what fabric collection most of the fabric was from, and I was skeptical about it when I took it out of the kit, but the background quieted down some of the crazier prints.
I also bought the kit for this quilt from Elaine's. the pattern is Dots and Daisies by Piece by Design. The fabric came from several collections.

this quilt was made from my stash. I had some charm squares and other fabrics that went with each other so I ended up with a sort of windmill pattern sewing two charm squares to a larger rectangle and then rotating the blocks.
Roger said that the quilts matched the girls perfectly. I hope and those few cold New Zealand nights they help keep them warm or have picnics on those sunny days!

Picket Fence

This quilt I finished recently. I bought a jelly roll of Daydreams by Deb Strain for Moda a summer or two ago. I haven't done anything with them until I finished a quilt for my friend Holly's office and decided to try the same pattern with the jelly roll. The pattern is called Picket Fence by Stitch Studios. I worked on the blocks during the winter and early spring. I finished the top at our family reunion in April and sent it home with my mom to be quilted. I brought it back home two weeks ago and finished the binding. Here it is:
You'll notice that the quilter put in some butterflies and dragonflies in the quilting.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Quilt for Avery Virginia

Avery is Holly's daughter. I made a really easy blanket for each of Holly's girls when they were born, but I didn't do one for Avery - so I made one a little later for her.

The fabrics are In the Pink by Buggy Barn and the pattern is one of the Turning Twenty Patterns. I ended up making a different quilt from the same fabric because I liked this quilt so much. If I'm correct I had this finished and quilted in the Fall of 2007.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Holly's Lap Quilt

This is a quilt I made for my friend Holly for Christmas 2007. She was using a lot of blues in her family room and so I made a quilt to match. This quilt is from one of those what to do with a nine patch - sew it and then cut it into four - rotate and sew together in rows. I believe the fabric is the Chocolat line by 3 Sisters for Moda. Holly is still using the quilt in her family room at her new house! I love it more every time I visit and see it.