Monday, August 17, 2009

Quilts for Roger and Andrea's Girls

After my first year back in Southern California I was sewing up a storm and needed some projects. I spent a lot of money that summer on quilt stuff while visiting my parents in Utah. They had just had their shop hop and I decided to make a bunch of quilts and they had lots of great kits! But who to make them for? Making quilts for my relatives would be weird since my mom makes quilts for them. I had already made gifts for my best two friend's children. I was corresponding with my friend Roger in New Zealand about the new house they were building and decided I'd make quilts for the family. Roger & Andrea's quilt will get a separate post, but they have three girls and so I made three quilts. I've never met their girls, but I always get photos at Christmas, plus the year before I had gotten yummy gifts from New Zealand for Christmas with my card. I didn't really know much about their personalities except Tyler Rose liked horses and Kenna was into Bananas in Pajamas and none of those things made it into the quilts. I had to work quickly since they would need to be quilted and mailed at least a month before Christmas. Somehow I did it. I don't know who got which quilt. Here are the three girls in 2009:

Tyler Rose, Keanna, Mckenzie

Here are the three quilts:

This quilt is the pattern Remember when by Itty Bits & Pieces. I bought this kit at Elaine's in Utah. I can't remember what fabric collection most of the fabric was from, and I was skeptical about it when I took it out of the kit, but the background quieted down some of the crazier prints.
I also bought the kit for this quilt from Elaine's. the pattern is Dots and Daisies by Piece by Design. The fabric came from several collections.

this quilt was made from my stash. I had some charm squares and other fabrics that went with each other so I ended up with a sort of windmill pattern sewing two charm squares to a larger rectangle and then rotating the blocks.
Roger said that the quilts matched the girls perfectly. I hope and those few cold New Zealand nights they help keep them warm or have picnics on those sunny days!

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